About me


 anne sturgeon is a nonbinary artist based out of Cincinnati, Ohio. they currently attend the university of Cincinnati’s college of design, architecture, art, and planning (daap) pursuing a bachelors in fine arts.

using photography, sculpture, print and performance Anne explores the uncomfortableness of discovering ones identity. They comment on the idea of objects being definitive in gender representation. As well as exploring what the body means in terms of gender and identity. They seek to create safe spaces within their community while trying to figure out their place in society.

These motifs are made evident through emotionally charged pieces which serve as an archive for experience. Documenting the uncertainty felt within their own identity, They are constantly questioning what the conditions for masculinity and femininity are. Then blurring those definitions once they are determined. Looking to their own experience and that of their peers to redefine what gender and Identity mean.

contact me!

email : sturgeae@mail.uc.edu